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Library Resources


Do these student questions about research sound familiar:  "Where should I start my research? How do I search effectively?  How can I tell what the 'best' source is for my assignment?"  Book a class with a librarian today to help your students navigate these questions and more.  Librarians are available for in-person instruction as well as supplemental workshops and customized online materials.
Contact your librarian today to get the conversation started about what your students need. Examples of content that we teach include:  

  •     Basic and advanced research using ONESearch and subject databases;
  •     Evaluating source quality, including the concept of peer-review;
  •     Making interlibrary loan requests;
  •     Developing keywords;
  •     Critical reading;
  •     Creating APA and MLA citations, and using citation management software;
  •     Navigating the library tab of myRedDragon;
  •     Navigating LibGuides (research guides)

For more information see the Instruction Libguide.