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ONESearch using Primo VE

Information useful to faculty, students and liaison librarians

My Library Card

My Library Card includes the following tabs:

  • Overview – A summary of each tab to see if action is required
  • Loans – All current and outstanding loans.
  • Requests – All of your current requests.
  • Fines & Fees – All of your current fees and fines.
  • Blocks & Messages – Any messages or blocks that prevent you from accessing services in the library.
  • Personal Details – Options such as default language, modify user details, and change your password.

Library card page

Accessing My Library Card

To access My Library Card, select your name (last name, first name) at the top of any page in ONESearch as shown below:

Library card menu

Alert Notifications

My Library Card displays alert notifications in various places if action is required. These alerts appear in the following areas:
  • Next to a specific tab at the top of My Library Card
  • Next to an item in a borrowing activity tab (such as the Loans or Requests tabs)
The following notifications appear in My Library Card:
  • Loan due or overdue Loan due icon – A borrowed item is almost due or overdue.
  • Hold ready Request Ready Icon – A requested item is ready for pickup.
  • Blocks or messages Message Block Icon – An activity has been blocked or the library has sent a message.
  • Fines and fees Fine Fee Icon – The user has a fine or fee.