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Dedication to Jacob Schuhle

This page is dedicated to the service of Jacob Schuhle for his many years of service within the College. His remembrance was added to this research guide for his contributions to the library, but more specifically the archives.

Brief Description his Career at Cortland

Jacob Schuhle served the College for 31-years. The majority of his tenure was devoted to the Campus School until it closed in the early 1980’s. in 1985 Jake retired from the College but continued to serve the library and College Archives through the “Retired Senior Volunteer Program.”

Jake was involved with the move from Old Main to newly created Memorial Library building in 1961. Many of the collections in the College Archives were established and preserved due to the active role Jake had over the years. Without his dedication, the College Archives would not have been so well documented and successful.

Not only did he serve the library well, he also served in the 45th Infantry Division during World War II where we received several decorations for his service including the Combat Infantry Badge and 6-battle stars. He was kind, considerate, detail orientated, devoted, and a model faculty member for this institution.

Some of Jake’s colleagues created  several remembrance messages in his honor.   

Remembrance from his Fellow Colleagues

"I worked with Jake at SUNY Cortland for 43 years, and loved working with him. He was a such a gentleman. I don't recall ever seeing him get angry or lose his temper, and I am sure there were instances when it would have been justified! He handled the move from the Campus School to the Main Library, and all the moves within the Library when voluntarily serving as the Library's Archivist, with patience and support. When I think of Jake I remember his determination in finding an answer to any question I had. I also remember his determination to stay active by walking to the Library every day from his home, which by the way required him to trek up that hill which can be a challenge to some people! Jake was still volunteering at the Library when I retired...and I was 20+ years younger than him. He was a wonderful person, who will never be forgotten by those who had the privilege to know him and I am thankful to be one of those individuals.

Thank you for putting something together to honor such a special person."

- Elaine


"I was always glad to see Jake during his Thursday morning (s) volunteer time.  We shared an office in the Library and I learned so much from him! 

I learned about the College Archives and how things were noted and processed.  Not only did Jake Archive valuable information, he also had so much knowledge about SUNY Cortland and the earlier days at the College.  He was an absolute priceless wealth of knowledge!  Each time there was published information about or accomplishments noted about a colleague in "The Bulletin," Jake would make sure that it was printed and placed  in the notebook titled "Faculty".  Needless to say, over the years he had several of these faculty notebooks!

He would ask me each week about my family and he would bring me "stickers" for my grandchildren from all of the different mailings he received from  various charities that he donated to.  He brought so many each week that I still have some & I put those stickers on cards that I send out! He was definitely a personal friend and made it a point to attend my father's funeral years ago. He was just very kind, considerate, and thoughtful to everyone.

Jake also had a very green thumb! He took care of plants in the office and one large one we named "Audrey".  When I left the library, Audrey was much bigger and she was moved to the Reference Area and Jake still took care of her each week when he came in to volunteer.  He also baked cookies quite often and brought them to the office for me;  I have a few of his recipes that he wrote down for me. 

When I was in grade school, I attended Church School on Wednesdays after school.  Jake's wife Betsy was the choir director, so I have known them both many years!  

Jake was always helpful, cheerful, and pleasant every time he came in to work and also anytime I saw him at various plays, musicals, and celebrations of others' accomplishments/retirements.  I can honestly and truthfully say that Jake Schuhle was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life & I definitely cherish all of my memories of him.

Thank you for asking for my input as I gladly give it for my friend, Jake."

- Sue


"Jake was a tall, lean, humble man, with a fine-tuned sense of humor who never purposefully gave offense. Throughout his career, his work at Cortland State was to assist others both directly and indirectly. There was  a sense of joy when Jake undertook a task. Many times this joy extended to his colleagues, teachers and librarians who willingly assisted him. He knew Cortland, Cortland State—the people and the histories. This knowledge was always coated with affection or empathy. Good at remembering names, on the job, he was always well dressed, always well-read. Jake was also a man who liked to laugh, liked to share in the happiness that others were experiencing about their own friends and family. Understanding of students, seemed never to get angry, and was loyal to his own supervisors, the teaching-faculty, library colleagues."

- Tom


"Jake was a retiree helping out with the archival materials when I worked at Cortland and I strongly echo any characterization of him as loving and caring. I must add that he was also friendly and a charming conversational colleague. I left NY in 1995 and yet I still remember Jake as someone with a ready smile on his face."

- Johanna