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About Digital Commons@Cortland

Digital Commons@Cortland is an institutional repository with the intent to publicize and make available various collections created by SUNY Cortland faculty, staff, and students. This initiative was established by Memorial Library.

Collections may include scholarly works such as journals or conferences, historical materials, dissertations, school or departmental records, and other creative works as well. Collections are not limited to printed materials only, additional file types are also welcomed. Digital Commons is not meant to replace or be used in lieu of classroom tools such as Brightspace or Yuja.

The College Archives utilizes Digital Commons to publicize online collections. These materials include the Didascaleion (yearbook), college buildings, anniversaries of the college, commencement, student newspapers, athletics, and much more. If you have any questions about the materials on Digital Commons@Cortland or wish to make an appointment to view any materials in person, please see the Plan a Visit page for more details.

Digitized Materials on Digital Commons@Cortland

College Anniversaries

In 1968, SUNY Cortland celebrated its Centennial (100th) Anniversary with a variety of events around the campus. In 1993, SUNY Cortland celebrated its Quasquicentennial (125th) Anniversary. Currently the college is celebrating our Sesquicentennial (150th) Anniversary. These collections highlight speeches, articles, and event programs from that celebratory years.

College Athletics

This collection on College Athletics highlights Cortland's impressive teams over the years. From the "Cortland Nine" baseball team (baseball was the first organized sport at Cortland) to the 2001 NCAA Division III Field Hockey Championship team. Included are 19 different sports (both men's and women's). Features of this collection include photographs of athletes participating in their sport, team photographs, coaches, special events and championships, information on the C-Club and various athletic conferences. This collection does not include information on athletic facilities on campus. For materials relating to facilities please visit the page under College Buildings, then click on the link for Athletic Facilities. Description of the photographs typically include information on the athlete, sport, special event, or general description.

College Buildings

This collection highlights the evolving history of the SUNY Cortland's campus history. Included are various photographs and documents pertaining to special events such as dedications or cornerstone ceremonies. This collection is not limited to events alone as numerous photographs represent buildings during multiple dates. The dates of this collection range from 1868-2013 which comprise of academic buildings, administrative buildings, athletic facilities, Cortland Normal School, and residence halls. Also depicted are materials from past buildings no longer standing such as the Cortland Normal School erected in 1868 and destroyed by a fire in 1919.

College Catalogs

This collection ranges from 1900-2007. The catalogs detail various course listings, faculty members, departmental information, degree requirements, policies, admissions, campus life, financial information, housing, and more. Aside from the catalog, the Bulletin and Circular are included in this collection as well. The Bulletin was the publication method for Cortland at the time to list and describe the available courses and activities. The Circular included a list of regulations, faculty members, information on the classrooms & Cortland Normal School Building, it also included various course listings as well. Circulars transformed into “college catalogs” across the country beginning in the early 20th Century.

College Commencements

This collection includes commencement programs beginning in 1870 to 2014. In many cases, there are programs from both of the graduation ceremonies in each year. The collection also includes photographs of various graduating classes from the days of the Cortland Normal School as well as photographs of commencement ceremonies. Most class photographs are from the early years of school before the fire of 1919. The official yearbook of the College, first printed in 1926, the Didascaleion, (also available in our Digital Commons Collection) depicts graduate photographs mostly beyond this point.

Greek Societies

This collection highlights the various fraternities and sororities over the years. There are over 320 photographs of which document the Wickwire Cup, Greek houses, celebrations, honors, and more.

Oral History Collection

The Oral History Collection is continuously created by students at SUNY Cortland as part of a class project in history. Dr. Evan Faulkenbury, Professor of History at SUNY Cortland, specializes in public history and preserving memory, created the foundation for these oral histories. The works in this collection provide unique insight into memories of those affiliated specifically with SUNY Cortland and the Cortland County community.

Presidents Office

The collection includes records from each president who served since Cortland’s founding in 1868. These range from James Hoose, the first Principle (referred to as Principles before President’s) to our current President Erik Bitterbaum. The digital collection consists of photographs, inaugurations, retirements, speeches, and biographical materials. While the digital collection is currently not as large as the physical collection, you may access additional resources on the President’s Records through the College Archives.

Student Handbooks

The collection of students handbooks incudes Frosh Bibles, Winter Weekends, and Resident Handbooks

Transformations Programs

This collection of Transformations programs documents the complete history of SUNY Cortland's student research conference. Originally established as Scholars' Day in 1997, Transformations is a day-long conference devoted to showcasing the wide array of scholarship, research and creative activities occurring on campus. In 2012, a new emphasis on student research lead to a name change to Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference.


The Didascaleion is the SUNY Cortland student yearbook. The first yearbook is from 1926 and continued publication until 2003. All volumes can be downloaded..

Searchable Campus Newspapers

Digitized newspaper can be found in two places, Digital Commons@Cortland and New York Historical Newspapers website. The newspapers listed below are linked directly to NYS Historic Newspapers site. You can search each digitized newspaper by keyword and date.

The Co-No Press 1925-1942

This includes 485 issues ranging from 10/23/1925-5/22/1942. The Co-No Press served as the student newspaper during that time. Previous to the Co-No Press was the Normal News which was the primary newspaper of the Normal School until the the School moved from the downtown location to the top of the hill in 1923 following a devastating fire. The entire physical collection of the Co-No Press is located in the College Archives.

The Hilltop Press 1942-1971

This includes 613 issues ranging from 9/24/1942-5/7/1971. The Hilltop Press served as the official Student Newspaper during that time. The Hilltop Press replaced the Co-No Press and was followed by the Press. This entire publication is also physically located in the Archives  and on microfilm in Memorial Library.

The Press 1971-1990

This includes 368 issues ranging from 9/8/1972-5/1/1990. The Press served as the official student newspaper during that time. The Press was replaced the Hilltop Press and was followed by the Dragon Chronicle. This entire publication is also physically located in the Archives and on microfilm in Memorial Library.

The Dragon Chronicle 1990-2017

This includes 510 issues ranging from 9/7/1990-4/27/2017. The Dragon Chronicle served as the official student newspaper from 1990 to present day. The Dragon Chronicle replaced the Press. This entire publication is also physically located in the Archives and on microfilm in Memorial Library.