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Physical Education Leadership Online Masters Program

Physical Education Leadership [PEL] M.S.Ed.

Inspire youth to enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy life. Be a positive role model for people of all ages. Share your love of physical activity and fitness with upcoming generations. Become a leader and advocate for constructive change in the physical education profession by studying for the M.S.Ed. in physical education at SUNY Cortland. Your graduate-level course work is informed by the  National Advanced Standards for Physical Education Teacher Education, including elements of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional leadership.

The program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. Course delivery is fully online except for a one-time two-week summer on-campus requirement.

Physical Education Leadership EBooks

Physical Education Resources

Many of the best resources can be found online...


Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection (now called Gale OneFile: Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine)
“Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection covers the fields of physical therapy and sports medicine.
Journals and magazines covered include: American Journal of Sports Medicine; Baseball Research Journal; IDEA Fitness Journal; Joe Weider’s Muscle & Fitness; Journal of Sport Behavior; Physical Educator; Physical Therapy; Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport; Women in Sport & Physical Activity etc. “ (GALE) – Publishers description.


Physical Education Index (now called Sports Medicine and Education Index)

Sports Medicine and Education Index provides a access to wide variety of content, ranging from physical education curricula, to sports medicine, to dance. Other coverage includes sport law, kinesiology, motor learning, recreation, standardized fitness tests, sports equipment, business and marketing, coaching and training, and sport sociology/psychology. Health education and physical therapy are also covered. The database contains peer-reviewed journals, report literature, conference proceedings, trade magazines, patents, articles from the popular press, and many other publications in the field of Physical Education.


SPORTDiscus with Full Text

With over 230 full text titles, SPORTDiscus with Full Text is a bibliographic and full text database covering both serial and monographic literature on sports, physical fitness, exercise, sports medicine, sports science, physical education, kinesiology, coaching, training, sport administration, officiating, sport law and legislation, disabled athletes, sports facility design and management, intramural and school sports, doping, health, health education, biomechanics, movement science, injury prevention, rehabilitation, physical therapy, nutrition, exercise physiology, recreation, leisure studies, tourism, allied health, occupational health and therapy.


Education Source

Topics covered include all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education, and testing. It also covers areas of curriculum instruction as well as administration, policy, funding, and related social issues.



A bibliographic database of education materials, including journals and other types of documents. Contains citations from Resources in Education and Current Index to Journals in Education. Produced by Education Resources Information Center.
Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness


The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance


Journal of Teaching in Physical Education


Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators

Physical Education Research Guide

For more Physical Education Resources such as books & journals, please consult the Physical Education Research Guide.

Interlibrary Loan - Request for Personal Delivery of Physical Items

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If you are an Online Masters Student  then you can request to have books sent to you, but be aware that this will probably add one to two weeks to the time it takes to get your materials.  You may not be able to renew the books, depending on who provides them.

Before doing so, please be sure you have exhausted all possible alternatives (see the options listed in Library Resources outside of Memorial Library) and have consulted with your Advisor as well as meet with your Library Liaison to review options.  Following the sequence provided above will ensure that getting the material needed will be a smooth and quick process.

If you have completed the above steps, you can proceed to fill out the form to set up the request process.  Do not submit requests until you hear back from the Interlibrary Loan Department that the setup is complete.