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Citation Impact

Purpose of this Guide

This guide is intended to assist faculty determine their impact factor. An impact factor is especially useful for those seeking tenure, promotion, or other accolades. This guide includes freely available resources that focus on author level metrics, article level metrics, and journal level metrics. Also included are academic profiles that help build a scholarly presence and library databases where metrics exist. Faculty may reach out to their library liaisons for further explanation. You can locate your liaison using the Assistance tab.

What is Citation Impact?

Pie ChartCitation impact factor is a ranking system to understand the academic influence authors and journals have on research and the discipline. Quality of work is often determined by the influence it has on others by calculating the number of times it has been formally cited in research.

Actually locating that number though can be tricky. While it is helpful to know how many times an author or work has been cited, there is no single resource available in making this determination. Understanding the citation factor may come from various resources. Please take this into consideration when analyzing metrics. There are other resources beyond those noted in this guide that require subscriptions, those are not explained further because they are not widely available to all on Campus. As with any research, take these resources with a grain of salt while determining your impact factor and understand that these are not the only resources that exist, but may nevertheless assist you in locating important metrics about your scholarship.


The "Citation Impact" guide was created by Jeremy Pekarek, Lauren deLaubell, and Maaike Oldemans.