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Evaluating Information

What is Fact Checking?

"The action of verifying facts, esp. in the context of journalism or other writing; the work involved in checking or establishing the facts of a matter". (Oxford English Dictionary)

Where do I fact check?

  • Go to the primary source when possible. Using secondary sources like articles can perpetuate errors.
  • Use your university library’s, your news organization’s, or your public library’s electronic and print resources.
  • Search databases of news and journal articles, like LexisNexis or ScienceDirect, which aren’t accessible on the web, but are available in libraries.
  • Contact an expert - but check them out
  • Google scholar
  • Google Books
  • Open Data Portals
  • Reference Books
  • Find a stakeholder - someone who's interested in the same thing you are

Look Here:

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Resources to check images, videos and other materials