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Teaching Materials Center

A guide to resources in Memorial Library's Teaching Materials Center.

The Inspiration Station

The Inspiration Station is the creative center of the TMC. In this room located toward the front of the TMC, you'll find supplies to help your projects succeed.

Accessing and Using the Inspiration Station:

  • The Inspiration Station is open during regular library hours.
  • Ask at the Help Center desk in the main lobby for a key!
  • All supplies are there for you to use: if you take anything out of the room (scissors, etc), make sure to bring them back
  • The Station is a collaborative space, so there may be other people and groups coming in to use it while you're there. If you want a more private study space, ask at the Help Center about group study rooms or individual study carrels
  • If supplies are running low or out, check at the Help Center for more.
  • Email with any questions or suggestions!

Child-like drawing of a sun and a box with the phrase "Think Outside the Box"

Colored pencils and a completed drawing. Inspiration Station Supplies:

What can you find in the Inspiration Station? A variety of materials to inspire you!

Coloring supplies

  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Markers


  • Construction paper
  • Poster board paper
  • Miscellaneous paper- varying shapes and sizes


  • Animals
  • Healthy Foods
  • Multicolor and black stamp pads
  • Nature
  • Our Community
  • Sea Life


  • Highlights Creative Plastic Stencils
  • Letters/numbers


  • Computer
  • SMART Board
  • Ellison cutter
  • Laminator


  • Felt
  • Glue sticks and glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punchers
  • Rulers
  • Stapler
  • Tape

...AND MORE!! The Inspiration Station takes donated supplies throughout the year, so you might find some surprise unlisted materials- as supplies last.

An Ellison die cutter.

An Ellison Prestige Pro is available in the Inspiration Station. We have a growing collection of die sets!

  • You can search lessons by category to find new ideas for your Ellison projects.
  • Make sure you follow all instructions carefully, and keep the SHIM ASSEMBLY in place so that it cuts consistently
  • If paper is running low, or the board isn't cutting, ask at the Help Center, or email

See the instruction materials below, as well as a listing of the different sets you'll find in the Station.

Ellison Instructions

Ellison Die Sets (Listed Alphabetically)


Lamination pouches are supplied next to the laminator in the Inspiration Station!

  • Give the laminator a few minutes to warm up when you turn it on. It will beep when ready.
  • Follow the instructions for preparing materials within a lamination pouch (instructions are provided in the Station and in the link below)
  • Do NOT put glue or thick material such as felt in the laminator!
  • Turn off the laminator when you're done!
  • Ask at the Help Center if the pouches are out.

A SMART board

A SMART Board is available in the Inspiration Station to practice with. Look below for how-to guides and ideas for lesson plans.

For assistance with Smart Boards, contact Kristina Maricle (Kristina Maricle) in Design Help.

Books available in the TMC that feature activities and crafts.

Websites for crafty ideas and inspiration.