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Libkey and BrowZine

Libkey and BrowZine are products that assist with direct linking to materials

What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad logo

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that connects users with library-licensed and open access full text articles. When using LibKey Nomad, users are automatically directed to the best available version of an article so there is no need to search multiple places. When the full text is not available you will be provided with options to request the article through InterLibrary Loan (ILL).

LibKey Nomad will work in most academic publishers' websites and databases (ScienceDirect, Taylor & Francis, PubMed) as well as Google Scholar and Wikipedia's list of references when available.

Adapted from MSU's Third Iron: BrowZine and LibKey guide and University of Chicago's LibKey Nomad guide

Enhanced Integrations - Google Scholar

LibKey Nomad will automatically tell Google Scholar the institution you belong to so that the library's "library links" will show up. Typically, this only happens for a user if:

  • The user is within the IP range that the library has reported to Google Scholar as being an "on campus" IP
  • The user is signed into their Google account *and* they have hand-configured Google Scholar to utilize their institution library's "library links."

Since neither of these may commonly happen, simply installing Nomad helps easily improve the quality of the user experience for Google Scholar users by connecting the search results to the library's collection.

Source: Third Iron

How to Install LibKey Nomad

Go to to download the web browser extension of LibKey Nomad.

Select which browser to add extension to, from one of the following: Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi. Follow the browser's instructions to install LibKey Nomad extension.

When installation is complete, you will see the log-in screen to select your college when you first open it.

screenshot to select your organization for LibKey Nomad set up

Type in the search box "SUNY Cortland" and select. This will remember SUNY Cortland when browsing for articles (may need to be logged into MyRedDragon).

Screenshot of LibKey Nomad set up screen with SUNY Cortland selected as organization

Using LibKey Nomad to find articles

LibKey Nomad will have an icon appear in the bottom left corner of the web browser when searching for articles, giving different access options based on our library's availability.
When available, it can provide you with a link to the article or an option to download the article directly:

Screenshot demonstrating "Download PDF" link using LibKey Nomad 

Screenshot of PudMed using LibKey Nomad extension

It will also provide a link to more access options (i.e., Interlibrary Loan) when full-text is unavailable. This link will bring you into ONESearch for more access options.

 Screenshot of "Access Options" button in LibKey Nomad extension

LibKey Nomad Demo Video